“The IPAL self-assessment test on the topic of continuing professional development is ready!”

The IPAL project primarily focuses on aspects of Adult Education related to adult trainers’ role in ensuring the relevance, quality, and efficiency of adult learning. The project aims to develop quality assurance tools and training resources that promote the professional development of adult trainers and the high quality of adult education.

The IPAL project partners have completed the first project result: the screening questionnaires and scorecards on adult education providers’ performance regarding CPD opportunities offered to their staff, also highlighting the importance of CPD at an organisational level.

In the frame of our qualitative research to develop this output, partners conducted more than 100 interviews with adult education providers and adult trainers to identify critical areas of CPD that should be taken into account to accommodate their professional needs and improve organisational capacity.
We are currently developing eight modules related to teaching methods and techniques in adult education – a training made for trainers!

To find out more about the content of the modules and our goals, check out the 1st IPAL newsletter and follow us on social media to stay updated!
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