European educational projects – Let´s grow together

We love cooperation on a European level, learning from and with each other and jointly developing methods, tools and contents for vocational and adult education.

As a coordinator and partner, we have already been involved in a large number of projects, achieving sustainable and innovative results, whether in Erasmus+ and its predecessor programmes, AMIF, Europe for Citizens, Daphne... We always strive for excellence and this pays off, some of our projects have already received good practice awards.


Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, we bring, besides management experience, thematic expertise in areas such as:

    • Digital learning platforms
    • Equal opportunities
    • Integration
    • Language teaching
    • Storytelling
    • Sustainability
    • Virtual reality
Katrin Echtermeyer Christina Harms Thomas Korcz Lydia Aufschlager Silke Becker Jan Müller
We look forward to new collaborations, let's get in touch:

Take a look at some of our projects or search in the general overview based on the thematic area you are interested in:


Follow-Us is a project that aims to bring together young people's knowledge of social media platforms with the experiences and opportunities of small and medium-sized enterprises.

E(U) Leaders

E(U) Leaders wants to foster the competitiveness and productivity of businesses and organizations, through the development of strategic e-leadership skills necessary for leaders / managers, as well as VET trainers, educators and mentors, to manage their teams effectively and efficiently within virtual working environments.


True to Age, True to Gender explores European values with older learners and their teachers through (re)discovering the stories of forgotten female figures of European history and the present.


With SenQuality, we want to offer a practical and understandable approach for later life planning and are developing an easily accessible online tool to help increase awareness and support individual later life preparation.


We develop a comprehensive, sequential blended learning approach with the aim of systematically establishing storytelling as a method for adult educators in basic education and education on active citizenship.


Competence+ develops a blended learning course concept for VET students and employees in the public transport sector who can train their skills and competences using Virtual Reality scenarios.


The project BlendedVET has the aim to support VET teachers in implementing the blended learning concept and to enable them to re-design their lessons in blended format.

Think Twice

The project wants to encourage project managers to Think Twice about day-to-day activities in managing (not only) European funded projects and their impact on the environment in order to become more ecologically sustainable.


Overcoming Gender Bias in Career Opportunities? wants to contribute to the overcoming of existing gender imbalances in access to career and personal development opportunities that still persist in many countries across Europe.

Designing with Lego

Within the project Designing with Lego we want to show teachers how they can bring the concept of sustainability in city planning with Lego bricks closer to their students to raise their awareness for ecology.

Creative digital

Many areas are not sufficiently digitised, as the Covid-19 pandemic showed. The project aims at adapting cultural, touristic and educational activities to a new virtual paradigma by creatively digitalising community offers

Competence+ D/I

COMP+ D/I develops an innovative training concept for improving skill sets and work environments for employees and trainees of public transport companies, focusing on diversity and inclusion using VR and gamification.


UNIQUE educates VET and Adult educators on LGBTQIA+ issues through personalized learning pathways and enhances inclusion policies in institutions with a practical Toolkit providing them with the tools to become change agents.


The project is aiming to support the integration and inclusion of migrant students in the school community, in a holistic way through the active involvement of their parents.


F4BT feeds the entrepreneurial mindsets and skills of young people interested in starting up a business in the food and beverage sector by developing an innovative and creative game-based training programme.

Digital Ageing

In this project, activities are developed that enable elderly people in particular to keep mentally fit and active and thus be able to engage with the challenges of the digital world.


The project supports young adults in acquiring the digital skills they need to actively participate in social, political and economic aspects of everyday life


Dig-Equal is a European project focusing on making access to online services and e-government easier for everyone. We want to support European citizens in understanding how to use e-government services best and reflect on every


The AWARE project aims to develop a knowledge base on the broader subject of cyber security, a game-based self-assessment kit to test knowledge on cybersecurity and a masterclass for the safe navigation of the web.


The general objective of MoVET is to improve and modernise the VET systems in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro by upskilling, capacity building and networking.


Help migrant women in a training pathway aimed at enabling the acquisition of personal, transversal and specific competencies and skills necessary for their full integration and reintegration in the European labour market.


We-Europeans aims at countering populism with the values of European citizenship. The project informs, encourages reflection, stimulates exchange and shows why it is worth standing up for European values.


TeachINVR will develop a combination of methodology, guide and "to-do" lists containing all necessary information about the use of VR for teaching and learning as a (vocational) teacher or trainer.


improving fundraising skills through storytelling and networking on a European level


innovative and creative game-based training program for learners in the food and beverage sector