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Learn German, discover the culture and experience Europe

A great opportunity for all learners to gain professional experience, enhance personal and social skills and improve foreign language skills!
A pleasant learning atmosphere in small groups, with a high success rate in DTZ and LiD exams, personal support and socio-educational counselling, exciting course-related projects and interesting excursions: this is what we expect from language courses at Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnützige GmbH in Leipzig Reudnitz and Neustadt-Neuschönefeld.
Thus, we not only provide support in learning the German language and dealing with everyday problems, but also in getting to know German culture, society and the world of work.

Contact us by phone or email in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian or Ukrainian.

Our courses are held in face-to-face classes. It is possible to join ongoing courses.


Kontakt / Contact

Ruth Sörgel
Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnützige GmbH
Heinrichstr. 5-7
04317 Leipzig
Tel. 0049 341 51999 556

Office hours

Monday and Wednesday: 10.00 am – 3.00 pm


What our participants say

Borys from the Ukraine

We are an international group with participants from Brazil, Portugal, Ecuador, France, Ukraine, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Palestine, Vietnam, Poland, Korea and Macedonia. At the beginning we didn’t understand anything, but after the explanations we understood everything. Mrs Silvia’s method helped us. We are aged from 19 to 70 and we learn in a professional, friendly, familiar, comfortable and modern atmosphere with tea and coffee. We have all the methodical and technical means. I think these are the right conditions for our success and integration.

Pamela from the Dominican Republick

My name is Pamela. I am currently attending a German course, I am learning level B2 at the Wisamar language course. In the German course the teachers are very nice, if you have questions you can ask and they explain until you understand. Since I started attending the German course, my German has improved a lot.

I highly recommend the Wisamar language course.

Daniel from Venezuela

Learning German was a pleasant experience for me, thanks to Wisamar and its whole team. I met wonderful people, good colleagues and was able not only to learn more about this country and its people, but also to get to know more about the culture of my colleagues’ countries, their beliefs and way of life. The learning environment was very important for me as it helped me to always stay focused and achieve my goal of passing my final exam, both B1 and the orientation course.

Helenice from Brazil

I studied A2 at this school a year ago and it was truly an exceptional experience. Unfortunately, I changed schools against my will because of the schedule. Since I enjoyed learning here, I returned for the B2 course. I must say that I was very unprepared, yet the teachers were very dedicated and the school has a very welcoming atmosphere. The teaching is of excellent quality. My special thanks go to teacher Silvia Hepach for her patience and commitment with our class and teacher Mareike Betz for her ability to explain difficult topics in a simple and straightforward way. This school and these teachers will be part of my future.

Volodymyr from the Ukraine

I participated in the language course of Wisamar Education Company for 6 months. Wisamar is very good education. Two competent teachers, very good German lessons. 4-5 hours pass like a moment. Very good working environment.

Thank you very much Mrs Silvia and Mrs Mareike! If I should learn again, I will gladly go to this school.

Erato from Greece

My experience at Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft was excellent. During the course I gained the necessary knowledge of the German language, which gave me the confidence to deal with everyday life in Germany. At the same time, I had a lot of fun and the opportunity to meet interesting and different people from all over the world. In a warm and welcoming environment, we had the opportunity not only to learn important aspects of the German lifestyle and culture, but also to learn about our own origins and traditions. Our teacher had the background knowledge to understand and appreciate the different cultures and an excellent didactic method to include everyone’s perspective and cultural background to enrich our learning experience. Together with our lively discussions, a mix of media used – audio and audio-visual – made the course a very joyful and rich journey. Even in these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the administration of the school made us feel safe by taking all necessary measures without interrupting the flow of the course or compromising the quality of knowledge imparted. They were always there to answer questions and offer support on any peripheral issues of the integration course. I would recommend Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft to anyone who wants to learn the German language and gain sound knowledge about life in today’s multicultural German society.