The TAO project – Training Adults Online – is a project implemented in partnership between Poland, Germany and Great Britain as a response to the lack of adequately and fully trained educators, who would be competent to conduct online classes using online tools on a variety of subjects with elderly adults.

The aim of the project is to train competent educators of elderly adults in the field of various teaching techniques using the latest ICT technologies and equip them with a tool for self-education.

TAO – Training Adults Online

Förderprogramm:   Erasmus+ KA2
Projektnummer:   2017-1-PL01-KA204-038766
Themenbereich:   Generation 50+
Projektzeitraum:   2016-2018
Webseite zum Projekt: http://tao.eu.com.pl/

English Unlimited Sp.zo.o, Polen
edEUcation ltd, Großbritannien
WBS TRAINING AG, Deutschland


The specific objectives of the project are:

  • The development of a comprehensive training program for educators covering: teaching methodology for adults, the latest online adult learning tools with particular emphasis on the elderly, teaching foreign languages and other skills and competences online.
  • The increased motivation and awareness of adults, mostly elderly, of the value and importance of the lifelong learning process.
  • Widening the knowledge of older people about educational opportunities.

Intellectual outputs to be developed in the project are:

The Training Program for educators of adults and the elderly covering such issues as:

Methodology of teaching people of the advanced age, modern online learning tools for teaching adults, especially older people, as well as teaching online of foreign languages and other skills and competences to elderly adults.

A comprehensive Guide for educators including sections on: The methodology of training elderly adults, the digital and organizational skills of educators and learners essential in the effective use of tools for conducting various types of online training, dedicated online learning tools suitable for training various skills and competences of the elderly (including foreign languages ) and opportunities for combining a course with elements of interaction between group participants.

An application for mobile devices (in three language versions) dedicated to educators of elderly adults. It will include a Guide for educators, a Toolbox with practical techniques and resources on online lesson management, virtual classroom management and examples of training various competences.

There will also be three short-time staff trainings provided in the project following the process of testing, evaluating and training. The multipliers events will be webinars (one in each partner country) and trainings for educators beyond partner institutions that will take place in each partner country.

It is assumed that educators who are directly involved in this project, whether in the form of partnership training or dissemination training, will be fully trained to work with adults, especially older people, who require a slightly different educational approach. The digital tool – the Application – will provide handy, ready to use support regardless of time and location. On the one hand, it will help to improve their digital skills and on the other, make them apply online learning tools more often in their daily educational work with elderly adults. The additional assumption is that the attractiveness of the training offered to older people will increase and that they will be more likely to use it in later years of their lives.

The open availability and universal nature of the intellectual outputs, manifested in multilingualism (English, German and Polish) and the fact that they will be used by educators of different skills and competences will make them universally accessible. Online availability will make the program and other products available to educators and educational institutions outside the consortium.