TAG – True to Age, True to Gender

TAG project uses gender issues as a triggering point and an updated tool to encourage adult learners to understand EU history and common values, as well as to encourage them for LLL and get more active in their social circles. At the same time, it brings to the light the value and role of women throughout history.

In this project, the European partners from Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, France, and Portugal will examine older women’s rights through the lens of national cultures and basic European rights.

Project results:

– Handbook with the stories of interesting and powerful women of European history, and guidelines for how these narratives can help to trigger adult learners’ motivation and interest in learning and knowing more about European common values.

– Blended course with the specific purpose of supporting adult educators to enhance their understanding of gender issues in old age, tackle this topic in older adult education, and address it while developing older adult education programmes. The course is two-folded, as it also puts emphasis on bettering digital and ICT skills of older learners.

– Virtual map developed by older learners related to the stories of outstanding women of European history

– Digital Books developed by older learners with different interpretations and on gender issues.

Funding programme: Erasmus+ KA2
Project number: 2020-1-RO01-KA204-079845
Thematic area: Life Long Learning, Equality
Project period: 1.11.20 – 31.10.22
Project website: https://tagproject.eu/ | https://www.facebook.com/True-to-Age-True-to-Gender-103672028390000/


Asociația de Terapie Familială și de Cuplu Timișoara, Romania
DomSpain, Spain
Slovenian Third Age University,Slovenia
N.E.T. Associazione Culturale, Italy
Les Apprimeurs, France