MyStory – Media, Migrants and Refugees

MyStory: Media, Migrants and Refugees

The main aim of this project is to offer EU citizens authentic representation in the media of migrants and refugees in order to foster intercultural dialogue und mutual understanding. One way is to empower and encourage migrants and refugees to use media themselves to tell their own story and their own issues.

In this project, national workshops took place, exploring the themes of how migrant and refugee images are portrayed in the media and how the method of storytelling can be used to produce and to disseminate authentic media content with and above all by migrants and refugees. 

Förderprogramm: Europe for Citizens
Projektnummer: 577396-CITIZ-1-2016-1-BE-CITIZ-CIV
Themenbereich: Integration
Projektzeitraum: 2016 – 2017
Webseite zum Projekt:


–  EAVI – the European Association for Viewers Interests, Belgien
–  Alliance Internationale de Journalistes, Frankreich
–  Euroform RFS, Italien
–  Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer INTERMEDIAKT, Griechenland
–  Drustvo za razvijanje prostovoljnea dela Novo mesto, Slowenien
–  Magyar Mozgokep Es Mediaoktatasi Egyesulet, Ungarn

Denk(t)mal – media workshops with migrant and refugees

Furthermore, workshops with migrants and refugees took place in Leipzig, hold by an experienced journalist and filmmaker. This resulted in various films produced with simple equipment, for example:

  • Mariam Daoud und Abir Abd Alhamid (Syrien): Wir tragen Kopftuch! Wo ist das Problem? (We wear headscarf! Where is the problem?)
  • Sahar Khodamorady (Iran): Briefland: Was tun wenn ihr Post vom Amt nicht versteht? (Letter country: What to do if you don´t understand the letters from public offices?)
  • Musafer Qassim Khalaf (Iraq): Mit Kunst gegen den IS (With arts against IS)

Denk(t)mal – media workshops with migrant and refugees