ENNE – European National Networks for the Enhancement of VET

The objectives of the ENNE project are:

  • To foster communication and cooperation among VET providers, also disseminating EU programmes, initiatives and tools;
  • To share best practices among VET providers;
  • To promote VET learners and staff mobility;
  • To encourage the involvement of VET providers and countries that have poor representation in EU cooperation projects;


ENNE – European National Networks for the Enhancement of VET

Funding programme: Erasmus+ KA3
Project number: 608964-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA3-VET-NETPAR
Thematic area: Vocational education and training
Project period: 2019-2021
Website: https://www.enneproject.eu/


  • EGInA Srl – European Grants International Academy, Italy
  • ECQ – European Center for Quality, Bulgaria
  • ARTS&SKILLS – Formaçao, Consultoria, Inovação, LDA, Portugal
  • Belerasm – Erasmus Support in Belgium, Belgium


The main results and products of the project will be:

  • The establishment of 5 VET Excellence National Networks for mobility;
  • The development of a VET providers’ online community;
  • The improvement of VET staff knowledge, skills and competences in the field of WBL and transnational mobility;
  • The development of an internationalization strategy for VET providers involved.

Target group of the project will be VET providers (mostly VET schools), VET staff, VET learners, SMEs, students’ families and other possible stakeholders. The overall impact envisaged is not only to build up national networks, whose members will benefit from projects activities and products, but also to set up a new sustainable cooperation among VET schools from different countries, in order to create long-term synergies to enhance VET attractiveness.

ENNE partners will organize the following activities:

  • November 2020/May 2021 – MOOC on “How to plan and organize a project for the transnational mobility of VET students”;
  • March/June 2021 – International and local workshops on the EAQOM Standards for hosting and intermediary organisations;
  • January/April 2021 – Blended Course on Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 Project Proposals writing;
  • May/December 2021 – Job-shadowing opportunities for VET Staff and Transnational learning events for VET learners.

Moreover, for the whole duration of the project, we will:

  • Organize local and international events for the promotion of the EU VET Skills Week and other relevant EU and local initiatives;
  • Publish a monthly newsletter with a lot of news and good practices from the members of our networks!