BICAS – Building Intercultural Competencies for Ambulance Services

The BICAS project aims to increase the intercultural competence of paramedics and by this to simplify their all-day work and to decrease their stress level. As part of the project a blended learning concept for vocational and further education will be developed and realized. Furthermore, the partners create a mobile app which provides concrete cultural background information for rescue workers in action.

Intercultural competencies and a better understanding of each other are vital for the peaceful coexistence of humans in general and in Europe in particular. The BICAS project makes a valuable contribution.

Aims of the BICAS project are

  • Increase the intercultural competences of paramedics through a blended learning approach in vocational training and further training, consisting of online course and classroom training according ECVET criteria.
  • A mobile application which supports paramedics in their all-day work by providing background information about cultural and religious particularities.
  • Simplify the work of paramedics through lower stress level because of a better intercultural understanding and the correspondending skills for (re)acting.
  • Sensitization of stakeholders (Health authorities, emergency services, educational institutions) and of beneficiaries (migrants).

Apart from the project partners other stakeholders will be invited to adopt the training course and mobile app. In order to achieve this, training course guidelines and policy recommendations will be published and disseminated on national and European level.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals a partnership of ambulance services, vocational training institutions, organisations working with migrants, providing intercultural competencies training, IT experts and evaluation experts has been formed.

BICAS – Building Intercultural Competencies for Ambulance Services

Funding programme: Erasmus+ KA2
Project number: 2016-1-DE02-KA202-003336
Thematic area: Kompetenzen
Project period: 2016-2019
Project website:


  • Johanniter-Akademie Bildungsinstitut Mitteldeutschland, Germany
  • Johanniter Österreich Ausbildung und Forschung gGmbH, Austria
  • Danmar Computers LLC, Poland
  • Fundacion Andalucia Acoge, Spain
  • Euro Project Lab S.r.l.s., Italy