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The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after - wrote the American politician Newton D. Baker already about 100 years ago.

What was true already these days, gets more and more important today, especially as we are living in a period of rapid technical change. The lifelong learning philosophy is the basis of all our further education measures. See some examples of courses below.
To cover the costs of the course and related expenses, we advise you to apply for a KA1 grant at your National Agency. We support you for free in writing and submitting the application. Use for example our commented KA1 application form.

Living Europe – EU Project Planning and Management

This course is addressed to individuals and organisations who want to become more international with the help of EU funding. aims to provide European teachers and trainers with specific knowledge, skills, tools and instruments needed to write successful project proposals and effectively manage Erasmus+ projects. In the workshop, first networks will be built and then concrete applications started.

It covers information about Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 project application and management including ECVET.

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Get connected – e-tools in the classroom

This training course aims at helping to overcome technology barriers in educators and improving the ability to interact with the ‘connected’ generation.

After an overview about new learning technologies (including blogs and Edmodo), teachers and trainers have the opportunity to learn how to design a webpage to host educational materials, get an introduction into picture editing and webquests. An optional second week of training is dedicated to design an elearning course.

At the end of this training course each participant will have designed an own website with different educational resources which can be further elaborated in the home country.

You can choose individual modules or attend the whole course.

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Storytelling for competence development

„A well-told story turns ears into eyes.“ (Chinese proverb)

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to communicate an important information to another person. Like only few other methods, storytelling supports keeping the attention of students while imparting important contents or supporting competence development. If a teacher becomes an excellent storyteller, he or she can ensure that any concept he or she teaches will be remembered for years to come.

This training course therefore introduces storytelling as innovative method in competence based teaching and learning.

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Join our Mobility Seminar

Participants from Italy, Romania, Greece, France and Turkey are already joining us for our KA1 mobility seminar. Do you also want to get to know partners and get information about successful KA1 applications? And enjoy the atmosphere of the traditional Christmas Market? Then have a look at the following link and register until Wednesday, 7 December!

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